Green Scribble and Scribble Arrow is a comic series developed by 5th cell, which occassionally had Maxwell, the main character in Scribblenauts, co-star in some issues.

Plot Edit

After being stranded on an island for five years, Scribbler Queen had a lot happen to him. He work with a man named Slade, and met two girls. After the island was abandoned, he came home with one goal: to save his city. He learned how to use a bow and good combat moves on that island, which he can use to rid of the corrupt criminals. To Starling City, he is Scribbler Queen, a rich man, but to his friends he is someone else, he is something else.

Scribble Arrow and Green Scribble

Hal Scriblan was just an average cititzan, but one day he found something impossible. On the shore of the ocean, he noticed a spaceship. Inside was a dying, pink alien known Abin Sur. He saw Hal, and granted him the chosen one, which means he will be Sur's successor. Hal accepted and took a lanterns oath to become the next Green Lantern, and the first human one, too. But instead of being dubbed as Green Lantern, he wanted to be known as "Green Scribble", for all his work in Scribblenauts.

After Scribble Arrow already teamed up with a super-powered man known as The Flash, he teamed up with Green Scribble to stop crime around the world. They were both the best of heroes combined, and stopped all kinds of crime throughout Earth and planets. One day, they both got invitations, but went there seperate ways. Arrow went to Young Justice and Hal went to the Justice League. Even though the duo were seperated, the world will always remember the great hero work they have done together.